Put it into (3D) perspective

Allows image alignment and user empowerment during 3D endoscopy.

in.depth is a software for automatic alignment of stereo systems. Currently, when setting up a stereo vision system such as the stereo endoscope, a careful alignment of the cameras is required to allow stereo fusion. With in.depth the tolerances in stereo systems manufacture can be lowered and the perfect alignment between images can be calibrated automatically.  in.depth also empowers the user by allowing changes in the desired stereo depth perception, providing to the user the unique capability of completely customizing its 3D experience.

Product description

  • Removes the radial distortion and aligns stereo pairs via image warping (software)
  • Enables adjusting disparities (scaling and shifting)
  • Runs in real-time in COTS hardware
Advantages and Benefits
  • Higher manufacturing tolerances
  • Re-alignment of already deployed 3D endoscopy systems
  • Better 3D experience

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