Press Release: P3D obtains two patents and tests groundbreaking software in cadaver Lab

PERCEIVE3D (P3D),  a company that develops solutions for Computer-Aided Surgery, has seen two more patents granted that are important milestones in protecting its disruptive technology for surgical navigation that combines video-based tracking with Augmented Reality (AR) to provide guidance in arthroscopy and open orthopeadic surgery.


The navigation system, which aims to improve orthopaedic surgery outcomes for patients lives was evaluated in a cadaver test last weekend, 14th and 15th December. The process was attended by several well-known orthopedic surgeons. Doctors were able to test a navigation software for knee arthroplasty that runs in a mobile phone handheld by the scrub nurse, and a new version of the navigation software for arthroscopic surgery.


This is the second test conducted in 2019 by the company of Coimbra that will have the technology submitted for regulatory approval during the year of 2020, becoming commercially available at the beginning of the following year.


The project developed by P3D has raised 1.3 million euros of Phase 2 funds from SME Instrument (SMEi), which aims to support more innovative and disruptive European companies.


About P3D: P3D created and developed a video-based technology for surgical navigation that combines intelligent video processing for 3D mapping of the anatomy, with Augmented Reality (AR) for overlaying meaningful guidance information in images. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 766850.